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Day-Trip Hot Springs Information


Ganiba Onsen for guests using the day-trip hot springs

〇Number of baths

・Separate male and female indoor baths: 2

・Mixed bathing open-air bath: 1

・Women-only open-air bath: 1

〇Only the indoor baths are available for washing the body.

〇Day-trip use is until 16:00.

〇The bathrooms are located a short distance from each other, so please change your clothes before you move on to the next bathroom.

(There are also dressing rooms in each bathroom).

〇The mixed baths require a 50-metre walk outside. Please check the map for detailed location. Please use your own shoes.

〇Area accessible to day-trip visitors:  Lounge and chairs in front of vending machines.

*Please note that the lounges may not be available on certain occasions.