It’s easy to visit us by public transportation.

By train & bus

Bullet train “Shinkansen Komachi” get off at JR Tazawako station.
[Tokyo – (2h50min) – Tazawako – (1h) – Akita]

From the station, take the public bus “Nyuto Line”- 45min – and get off at “Nyuto Ganiba Onsen” * The last stop of the Nyuto Line. 

By air

To Akita airport, there are some flights from…
Haneda airport (Tokyo), Itami airport (Osaka), Chubu centrair airport (Nagoya) and Shin-chitose airport (Hokkaido)
from Akita airport to Nyuto onsen, take the bullet train and bus (as above) or take a direct reserved taxi “Akita Airport liner”


JR Tazawako Station – Nyuto Onsenkyo GANIBA ONSEN
Approximate time: 30min / Price: Around 7,000Yen

Ganiba Onsen

Kokuyurin Sendatsuzawa Tazawa Tazawako, Sebmoku-shi, Akita JAPAN
TEL: +81-(0)187-46-2021